About Us

Global-Psychic-Solutions_Certification-BadgeGlobal Psychic Solutions, GPS, is a human resource testing and consulting service specializing in the Metaphysical Community.  While we are based in the United States, our service is global.

GPS is a very specialized consulting agency with an expertise in a wide range of human resource areas, but specializing in the psychic market.  With a specialized proficiency in professional hiring, testing and training of top spiritual counselors and psychic advisors worldwide, GPS has a deep understanding of the metaphysical marketplace and provides the know-how and capability to meet your Psychic Professional needs. Our contractual services involve a broad spectrum scope, from the testing and selection of the special service providers catered for the diverse psychic markets to specific dedicated training programs designed to orientate Psychic Professionals to the standards of the Psychic Services they will be participating with.

Our features are especially attractive to new businesses who intend to market a higher level of quality of service, but which to outsource the often challenging task of evaluating Psychic Professionals to meet the standards to be representative of their brand name and marketing strategy. We understand that the selection of the right psychic resource is of vital importance for those psychic service providers building their reputation and an increased level of trust and comfort on the part of their clients, greatly enhancing return traffic, referrals and profitability.