Testing Standards

Global-Psychic-Solutions_Certification-BadgeThe integrity of the Psychic industry has been challenged many times by websites selling “psychic services” from individuals who have no verifiable talent or training.

The Psychic Evaluation Program not only assesses the accuracy of psychic ability, but also the professional demeanor of the candidate.  In addition, the candidate is grouped according to affinity (i.e. psychic, medium, etc) and specialty (i.e. relationships, medical intuitive, angel channeling, Akashic Records reading, etc.).

At Global Psychic Solutions, we use a proprietary set of testing criteria that has historically proven to successfully evaluate the skills and professionalism of the candidate.  Some of the criteria are as follows:

There are two different test readings with different testers for each candidate.  Occasionally, a third is required to accurately place a candidate.  After filling out the results of the test readings, the Testers themselves are interviewed to complete the evaluation.  The candidate is then ranked into four categories:

  • Gold – these individuals are the best in their field.  Historically, less than 10% of those testing hit this benchmark.
  • Silver – these individuals demonstrate good evidential information, but not quite to the level of the Gold.  These also include those of excellent psychic ability, but have yet developed the demeanor required of a top Psychic Professional.
  • Bronze – these individuals also are able to provide evidential information above the ability of most psychics.  Often, these individuals are able to continue develop their abilities and retest to a higher level.
  • Not Certifiable – fully 50% of those tested fall into this category.  Global Psychic Solution will not certify anyone at this level, nor will we recommend them to any of the clients we work with.